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Council pledges “high quality” development

by Marco Cillario Fri 11 December 2015, 5:51 pm

Waltham Forest Council has committed to delivering “high quality residential developments” by launching a Design Charter.

The charter, endorsed by a large number of developers and housing associations including Barratt London, Bellway, Peabody and ISHA, came out of the council’s effort to ensure that developers provide houses that are built in accordance with high quality design rules.

It sets out the key principles that will guide all future development in the borough and contains a commitment to providing a mix of housing types and sizes that are "accessible for all". 

Safe and “people-friendly” streets will be built to encourage their use as social places. Public areas will be overlooked as new houses will have windows and doors facing on to them. 

The buildings shall also have high quality external and internal layout, promote better energy efficiency, integrate with their surroundings and link with adjacent streets to create direct routes to local services such as shops, schools and public transport.

The council plans to oversee the building of 12,000 homes across the borough, half of which it said will be affordable, including 2,000 council homes.

“New housing is vital, but we can’t compromise on the quality of design, which contributes so significantly to the character of the area,” said Councillor Clare Coghill, cabinet member for economic growth and high streets.

She added: “It is vital that in the race to deliver more homes, we are mindful of the built environment, as well as the needs of residents.”


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