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One hundred attend Invest Waltham Forest launch

by James Renoux-Wood Fri 25 September 2015, 3:33 pm

The launch of the first edition of Invest Waltham Forest magazine attracted 100 delegates on 24 September at commercial property consultancy Bilfinger GVA's City of London offices.

Waltham Forest council leader, Chris Robbins, holds Invest Waltham Forest magazine aloft. Image (c) David Tothill

An audience of developers and investors with an interest in the borough were welcomed to the launch by Jason Sibthorpe, regional senior director for London at Bilfinger GVA, who said he was “proud to be working very closely with Waltham Forest on the optimisation of the organisation’s assets and ensuring they get the best value from the market”.

He introduced a series of speeches from council representatives, including the leader, Councillor Chris Robbins, who described Invest Waltham Forest as an “absolutely splendid, quality magazine". The first issue features articles on topics such as culture and heritage, the borough’s many artisan businesses, improvements in connectivity and the leisure offer, as well as the latest regeneration news. 

A major focus of the content is an in-depth interview with Robbins and chief executive, Martin Esom, by Toby Fox, managing director of 3Fox International and publisher of Invest Waltham Forest magazine. 

The council's lead member for regeneration and high streets, Councillor Clare Coghill also spoke, as did Esom and Mark Lebihan from privately owned-residential developer, Hadley Property, which has plans to develop about 2,000 units, 500 of which are in Waltham Forest.

Robbins spoke about the council’s ambitions for the borough: “We offer very solid political support and we have a vision for Waltham Forest. Like many visions, it changes and adapts, and as time goes by, we’re looking for partners to share the determination to transform our borough to the benefit of our community.” 

Examples of the borough’s achievements in regeneration alluded to by Robbins include award-winning schemes such as the high street programme, the Empire cinema complex at The Scene, and the William Morris Gallery. “This year we also reached more than 150,000 people through our events, bringing our community together to enjoy life,” he added. 

Coghill spoke about the local authority's commitment to building homes and creating jobs: “We’re completely invested in our communities – building 12,000 new homes by 2020, with green spaces and infrastructure. We have land to deliver that – and more. We know that the development community likes to see certainty – you can be absolutely certain that we are transforming our borough for the better.”

Esom concluded the speeches, pointing to the council’s investment: "We invested to make the borough clean – no one wants to live in a dirty borough, so ours is one of the cleanest boroughs in London. We’ve invested in the public realm, we’ve invested in the team – a team that talks sense and developers can come and talk to them."

View photos from the event, taken by David Tothill, below:


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